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  • Where are trial appointments held?
    We are located in East Setauket, NY. Our full address will be provided upon booking your appointment.
  • When should I reserve my wedding date?
    Wedding dates during peak bridal season from April to December are typically booked 12-18 months in advance.
  • Do you have a minimum?
    A service minimum of 4 plus the bride or the price equivalent is required for all wedding day bookings. (Team: $1,355/Angela: $1,505)
  • What if I don't know our total headcount yet?
    You can secure your date with the minimum to start. Although services that are contracted cannot be removed, we can always add on more!
  • Can changes be made after I book my date?
    Of course! Your timeline, getting ready address, or service quantity can always be adjusted to your needs.
  • What is required to book my wedding date?
    A signed contract and wedding day deposit.
  • I want to book a trial prior to booking for my wedding day. When should I schedule my trial?
    If this is your preferred booking process, be prepared to book your trial within two weeks after inquiring as all dates are first come first serve.
  • Is a trial required to book my wedding day?
    Trial appointments are not required prior to booking. If you are confident that you want to work with us for your wedding day, you may request to move forward with the bridal contract and wedding day deposit to lock in your date with us and book your trial at a later date which is the booking option a majority of our brides choose!
  • Can I schedule my trial on the weekend?
    We schedule trial appointments Tuesday - Saturday during the off season fromJanuary to March. During peak bridal season from April to December, trial's are only scheduled Tuesday -Thursday as we reserve our weekend dates for weddings.
  • Can I book for "just eyes"?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer partial makeup applications.
  • I have a large bridal party. Do I need to book two makeup artists?
    Our team will be able to accommodate your party no matter the size! We will advise you if multiple artists will be required.
  • Where can I view the team artist's work?
    Our teams work is displayed on Instagram @angelazavala.mua under our story highlights!
  • Are wedding day services provided at your location or do you travel?
    Wedding day services are always provided at your chosen getting ready location!
  • Can half of us get ready at the hotel and half of us at the venue? Can we start getting ready at the hotel and then move to the venue?
    We highly recommend choosing one location to complete all services from start to finish. Although at first thought it may seem like a simple task, in reality it adds unnecessary time and stress to your morning! Check with your venue if there are time restrictions. If we cannot utilize their space for the full 4-5 hour duration needed then you will need to consider getting ready at a hotel or another location.
  • Can you do my makeup for my bridal shower?
    Since we primarily service weddings, our weekends are reserved for bridal parties. We will accept special event inquiries a maximum of 4 weeks in advance. If we are available on your requested date at the 4 week mark, we will happily schedule your appointment!
  • Do you offer touch-up services?
    Yes, touch up services are available upon request!


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